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Pendorya Shopping Center - Press Release Related To Semester Events
Pendorya Shopping Center - Press Release Related To Semester Events

A space tent for children during the half term vacations at Pendorya

Pendorya Shopping Center, the rising star of the Asian side bringing a entirely new breeze to the district of Pendik has prepared many colourful activities for children visiting the shopping center during the half term vacations to spent nice time in...

Pendorya, the first investment of TSKB Real Estate Investment Trust (TSKB REIT) has organized special activities for each day of the half term vacations, to start as of January 22. Many entertaining days are waiting for the visitors of Pendorya in "a world of gifts" such as the first and only mobile bookstore "Deniz Papağanı Pafin" (Sea Parrot Pafin), the space tent Planetarium, the sculpture activities and animations. Beside this, first 1000 children coming with their report card to Pendorya within the course of the half term vacations, have the chance to win a cinema ticket.

First 1000 children bringing their report card to win a cinema ticket

First 1000 children coming with their report card to Pendorya during the half term vacations, holding on its promise based on the concept "A world with gifts" with its endless surprises and thousands of gifts distributed to its visitors, will win a cinema ticket. Pendorya’s report card gifts presented to the children consist of tickets to 3 new children’s films to be featured in the AFM cinemas inside Pendorya.

Children to experience space age at Pendorya

Among the surprises, which Pendorya has prepared for the children during the half term vacations is the Planetarium, the "Space Tent". Children visiting Pendorya during February 3-6 will be able to participate in the 20 minute long space simulation sessions in the 40 m2 space tent at free of charge . Pendorya will offer its visitors the space age experience at Planetarium.

A colourful half-term vacation program at Pendorya:

The mobile bookstore "Deniz Papağanı Pafin" (Sea Parrot Pafin): Children visiting the mobile bookstore Deniz Papağanı Pafin at Pendorya will be assisted consciously and accurately in choosing a book. Among 4000 alternatives consisting of elective masterpieces of Turkish and world literature, they will be able to buy the books, which are adequate for their age and which they favour to take them home to their own library.

23-24 January 2010, Saturday-Sunday - Animation with Erkan Çubukçu: Erkan Çubukçu and his animation team, who become a child with other children in a colourful, vivid and different environment will entertain with animation activities carried out throughout the day on the stage of the AFM cinema complex.
27 January 2010 - Wednesday, "Look, how it has dwindled": A joyful activity, at which every child can turn the own drawn shape on magic plastic papers into a necklace.
27 January 2010 - Thursday, "Even stones bloom when touched with love!" (Art activity for the family): Tiny hands of little ones meet with the loveful hands of adults to colour stones at Pendorya. An artful and creative activity for children to carry out with their parents.
29 January 2010 - Friday, "Pretty Monsters": Children will create their own pretty monsters.
30 January 2010 - Saturday, "Pendorya, full of Super Heroes!" T-Shirt activity: Every child will draw the super hero in mind onto a t-shirt.
31 January 2010 - Sunday, Crazy and colourful hats! (A foam sculpture activity): An activity at which the colourful foam turns into creative and crazy hats in the hands and on the heads of the children.
3-6 February 2010 - Planetarium: The children will experience a space simulation at the 40 m2 large tent to be set up at Pendorya in a 20-minute sessions.
Pendorya will continue its concept of surprise gifts throughout the year with the slogan "A world with gifts".

About Pendorya:

Pendorya Shopping Center hosting Mediamarkt, the biggest electronics market of the Asian Side; AFM, the major cinema of the region with 8 theatres and the hypermarket Kipa covering an area of 8500 m2 offers spaciousness and comfort together with its 105 shops and restaurant areas for 1000 people.

Pendorya, one of the most successful examples of 3rd generation shopping centers in Turkey is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, at the cross-road of Pendik-Kaynarca facing to the highway E-5.

Pendorya striking out with its architecture, has brought along a new breeze to the district of Pendik, which has become the new attraction center of the Asian side.